Because of the Stupid Corona

Because Of The Stupid Corona


Because Of The Stupid Corona

Because of the stupid Corona
I have to wear a mask all the time.
Because of the stupid Corona
I think I’m loosing my mind.

Verse 1
We can only meet in Zoom conference,
We’ve forgotten how to do face to face.
They ask “Do you have a cough or fever,”
A thermometer gets shoved in your face.

Verse 2
My families dining by drive through,
Wal-Mart has self-checkout lines;
My favorite pizzari is empty,
If you’re non vax then they say it’s a crime.

Verse 3
I can’t even watch a ball game
Without hearing talk of vaccines,
I’m tired of staring at cardboard cut outs
Wanna go to a game and root for my team.

Verse 4
Sister-in-law wears a mask on Thanksgiving,
Mother-in-law goes and gets the vaccine;
Father sanitizes each place he goes,
My wife buys so many masks it’s obscene.

I don’t want the Corona,
I wouldn’t drink it if you paid me!
And wasn’t the virus from China?
It’s so confusing if you ask me!
I think I’ll switch to Miller,
Pacifico, or Dos Equis;
Or maybe even Sierra Nevada,
Until I can do as I please.

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