I’m Gonna Rise Coyote Creek Blues Original Songs

I’m Gonna Rise


I’m Gonna Rise

Verse 1

Stiffness in my joints

And an aching in my legs;

I’m a victim of design,

A design whose name is age.

If could turn back the time,

Or at least turn back a page,

Then I wouldn’t lie here wondering

What makes a soul so full of rage?



I’m gonna stand,

I’m gonna rise,

I’m gonna wipe the sweat

Back from my eyes.

I’m gonna reach

Out my hand,

I’ve gotta grab for something…

Any thing I can.


Verse 2

I get up every day,

Even when my body hurts;

‘Cause I’ve got little mouths to feed,

I’ve gotta fill my place at work.

And when I’m covered up in dust,

I can shower off the dirt,

But when my trucks stuck in a jam

I’m cursing every jerk.


Verse 3

Don’t believe the things you hear,

‘Cause the news is full of lies;

And when they tell us don’t believe,

I see the end is drawing nigh.

So darling cut out those coupons,

We’re gonna stock our shelves up high,

We’ll be in our cellar drinking wine

When the bombs burst in the sky.


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