Last Night I Got Drunk An Original Song

Last Night I Got Drunk An Original Song


Verse 1
Last night I got drunk
on a bottle of Foxbrook,
Then I went to bed
And I slept it off.
I don’t know,
How I’m gonna live,
Gotta do more
I can’t just talk.

The warmth of the wine
Trickles down my throat,
What doesn’t kill you makes you strong
It gives you more hope.
I close my eyes at night
And say one prayer,
When I wake the next day
She’ll still be there.

Verse 2
Kitchen needs repair,
‘Cause I got it half done.
Family don’t despair,
The cabinets are done.
The dining room
Ceiling’s warping somewhere
Silicone painted roof
Is leaking everywhere.

Verse 3
In my driveway
Empty plates of cat food
I should sweep leaves,
I’m not in the mood.
Want to drive my car,
It only has one headlight,
I guess that’s why
I can’t work at night.

Verse 4
Went to see my dad
In his mobile home,
He has two cats,
But he lives alone.
They knocked on my door
To say the rent’s late.
I haven’t got the check,
They’re gonna have to wait.

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