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Guitar Lessons, Free Sample Video Links, Tablature, Tips and Updates  Dennis Hartman, snaring, holding the guitar and pointing at the reader

You Need These Lessons!

Guitar Lessons, Free Sample Video Links, Tablature, Tips and Updates

Welcome To My Guitar Lessons Page!

I hope you will take a moment to go through these lessons.  Look at the videos and the tablature I include with it.  Slow down the video to review any parts you are having trouble playing.  Go through the video as many times as you need to until you feel comfortable playing it exactly like I show you.  Once you feel comfortable playing it you can speed up the video.  Add your own parts to it and make it your own.  You can even send me a video of you playing the song so I can feature it on my YouTube Channel.  I hope you enjoy these lessons and that you will find something useful in them.  Thanks for checking out this page and watching my videos.

Guitar Lessons, Free Sample Video Links, Tablature, Tips and Updates

On this page you will find:

  • YouTube Video Link Samples of My Guitar Lessons  
  • My Performances of related material
  • Downloadable Sample Tablature Transcriptions
  • Information and tips for aspiring guitarists
  • Various updates related to the guitar 

Please click on the following links to go to a separate page for each individual guitar lesson.  On these pages you find the song, the lesson, any additional related lessons, lyrics or guitar tabs.

Here Are The Links To My Latest Downloads…

Hot Corn Cold Corn

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Here are the Chords and Tabs for Hot Corn Cold Corn…


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