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Take Action To Stop Illegal Dumping in the Cities of San Jose and Coyote

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The News reports on KPIX Channel 5 Bay Area News and San Jose Mercury News do not give you the complete story of what has happened here.

I will put out another video on this subject so that everyone can see how both Sergio Jimenez and Sam Liccardo have responded to this problem.

The City of San Jose and the town of Coyote was never intended to be an illegal dumping ground of abandoned cars, appliances, furniture and other debris related to both homeless encampments and violators who illegally dump. During this time when we are in lockdown because of Covid19, our city does nothing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, waste or sanitation problems and the problems they present to both residents and the homeless population that lives there by allowing this problem to quickly spread and accumulate.  Whether you live in the area or would just like to help the citizens of San Jose in preventing this problem from spreading , please sign the petitions below.  If we can get enough signatures we can create the momentum we need to get our elected officials, Sergio Jimenez and Sam Liccardo to listen and respond to this problem.

Take Action to Stop Illegal Dumping In San Jose

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Get off your Duff and Take Action!

This page features links to current petitions on change.org which were designed to recall San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and District 2 Council Member Sergio Jimenez.  I did not create the petition to Stop Illegal Dumping Along Monterey Hwy San Jose City of Coyote, but I design the recall petitions. However, if you agree with me that both Jimenez and Liccardo have been ineffective in addressing the problem with illegal dumping and San Jose, I hope you will join me in supporting the petitions to recall both of them.  Please Click on the links to add your name to the petitions.  There is no cost or obligation to sign the petition, and you can forward each petition by email to as many people as you can.


Sign the petition to Stop Illegal Dumping Along Monterey Hwy San Jose City of Coyote:


Sign the petition to recall San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo (as of 9-11-20 currently has about 1,599 signatures with a projected goal of 2,500 signatures according to their website)


Sign the petition to recall District Council Member Sergio Jimenez (as of 9-11-20 currently has about 1,625 signatures) with a projected goal of 2,500 signatures according to their website)


If you have signed these petitions and you would still like to take further action to be involved with changing the political process in California, please look click on the link below:

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