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Take Action To Stop Illegal Dumping in the Cities of San Jose and Coyote

The music to “Disconnected” was originally featured as an instrumental in a video entitled “Illegal Dumping City of San Jose.” This video was picked up by Maria Medina, who featured a story about the illegal dumping and trash and a growing homeless encampment along the stretch of Monterey Highway (between Coyote and Morgan Hill) on KPIX Channel 5 news. Maria interviewed me {the resident) and then included the responses from City Counsel person Sergio Jimenez and Mayor Sam Liccardo. Here is a link to the KPIX story:


I then featured a Take Action page on my website where I wrote “The City of San Jose and the town of Coyote was never intended to be an illegal dumping ground of abandoned cars, appliances, furniture and other debris related to both homeless encampments and violators who illegally dump.”  I created a call to action and asked people to sign a petition to Stop Illegal Dumping Along Monterey Hwy San Jose City of Coyote.

Both my video and the KPIX news story generated a response that lead City Council Person Sergio Jimenez and Mayor Sam Liccardo to listen to local San Jose residents and respond to the problem. The trash and encampment that was the subject of my original video has been cleaned up.

I hope I speak for all the residents in the area when I say that we really appreciated City Council Person Sergio Jimenez and Mayor Sam Liccardo’s rapid response to resolving this problem.

This experience has made me realize that there are many more encampments springing up all over my city. I now see this one encampment as a microcosm of a macrocosm because I know that there are so many people who have been displaced and are struggling right now in several cities across my state and throughout the country.

If I can accomplish anything with my videos or my website, I hope I can bring more attention to this problem and help  these people. Homelessness requires help beyond providing shelter or financial assistance; a successful program should also include drug rehabilitation programs, health and mental health services, and domestic abuse programs.

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