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This page features links to posts of my original songs.    Click on My Video Archives for a complete list of posts of my original songs or guitar lessons.

On this page you will find:

  • YouTube Video Links to My Free Original Songs  
  • Printed Lyrics with each video link
  • Songs can be downloaded from YouTube or Rumble
  • Updates related to my original song videos

Thanks for checking out this page and watching my videos.

Here Are The Links To My Latest Downloads…

Coyote Creek Blues Theme Song (An Original Song)

My Latest Song

Bail Out Original Acoustic Song Dated 6 25 24

If They Screw You (Your Gonna Have To Screw Them Back) An Original Acoustic Song

Big Dreams (Don’t Want My Big Dreams To End) An Original Song

Big Dreams (Don’t Want My Big Dreams To End) An Original Song

Strange Energy An Original Song Final Mix 11-6-23

My YouTube Videos

Caffina Original Song Recorded 10-8-23

Been There Done That Original Song Recorded 8-3-23

The House Where My Father’s Light Shines Original Song

Read Between The Lines An Original Song

What Would Wrap Things Up For Christmas An Original Song

Christmas Is Over An Original Song with Acoustic Guitar and Voice

Christmas Is Over 2020 An Original Song

Last Night I Got Drunk An Original Song

The The Christmas Train An Original Song

Conversations An Original Song By Coyote Creek Blues

Im Gonna Rise Original Song Solo Acoustic Guitar

You Came To Me An Original Song by Coyote Creek Blues

Ms Wesley An Original Song By Dennis Hartman Coyote Creek Blues

Like Christmas Time An Original Song

Because Of The Stupid Corona (I Have To Wear A Mask All The Time) Coyote Creek Blues Original Song

How Did You And Me Become Disconnected Dennis Hartman Solo Vocal and Guitar An Original Song

Locked Up Locked Down Coyote Creek Blues Original Songs

Disconnected Dennis and The Disconnected Band Coyote Creek Blues Original Songs

Illegal Dumping Coyote Creek City of San Jose Coyote Creek Blues Original Music

I’m Gonna Rise Coyote Creek Blues Original Songs

My Rumble Videos

Common Man Acoustic Version An Original Song by Coyote Creek Blues

Control (It’s All About The Control) An Original Song

Herd Immunity An Original Song By Coyote Creek Blues 

I’m Locked Up Locked Down (An Original Corona Virus Song)

Gonna Chase Him Down To Zombie Trailer Park (Original Song Based On Zombie Trailer Park Video Game)

I’m In Lock Down (Locked Up Locked Down An Original Song)

Rumble Friend (An Original Song)

Kristina’s Story – Song For Kristina Karamo Volunteer Poll Worker/Whistle Blower An Original Song


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