Song For Mom (I will repost this shortly)

Song for Mom


Verse 1
You did so many things
I never thanked you for,
You never complained
Even when I wanted more.
Such skill and ease
Can only come with the years,
I’ll never taste no more of your pies
And that brings me to tears.

Verse 2
Never paid for all your work
But you were with me each day,
A helping hand to guide
Each step on the way.
You were never afraid
And you never showed fear,
Leaving me to wonder
When you cried your silent tears.

Verse 3
I cried at your funeral
But then the priest said,
That though you weren’t alive
In fact you weren’t dead.
And when I spent nights wonderin’
Waitin’ for signs,
I learned then you can’t explain
The workings of the mind.

Verse 4
You come back to me
In the gentlest breeze,
I remember your words
And it gives my heart ease.
The world that you built
I see it each day,
I see it in my children
And in the things that go away.

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