They Gave It To Sleepy Joe (An Original Song)

They Gave It To Sleepy Joe (An Original Song)


They Gave It To Sleepy Joe

Verse 1
I was glued to my TV
On election night.
I was more than an election,
America was battling for life.
Coronavirus, Antifa riots,
While we voted by mail;
Threats of red mirage looming,
But the system never failed.

Trump was winning in a landslide
He was stealing the show,
But those Fuckers stopped counting
They gave it to Sleepy Joe.

Verse 2
Corporate media and Hollywood
Tried to manipulate our vote,
Twitter and Facebook censored,
But we never gave up hope.
Threats of global takeover
hung in the air,
We thought we could beat it
In an election that was fair.

Verse 3
Computers switched ballots
So our votes wouldn’t count,
Ballots were counted in basements
Vans brought fake ballots out.
They boarded up windows
So nobody could see,
They stole the election
They took freedom from me.

Verse 4
Arizona called it early,
I heard it on Fox News;
By the next day
All Five swing states turned blue.
Nevada and Georgia found more Biden ballots,
Philly counted for 3 days;
Michigan blamed a computer glitch,
Gulliani said they took 800,000 Trump votes away.

Verse 5
When I awoke in the mornin’
I looked at MSN,
The results were the same,
It showed a lead for Biden.
I read Gateway Pundit
And I looked at Info Wars,
If those fuckers could do this
We don’t have a country no more.

Verse 6
We’ve been beaten and hushed up,
And told not to speak,
Humiliated and spit on
And told we are weak.
Just shut up and accept it
And everything we’ll be fine,
Don’t forget what you believe in,
We have to stop this crime.

Verse 7
The Democrats are divided
So many seats were lost,
Antifa tells Joe to put up a fist
Or the country is lost.
They beat a Trump pillow
The leftist are insane,
AOC and Pelosi are fighting
But both are to blame.

Verse 8
Shout from the rooftops,
We have to be organized.
Their preparing the gulags
Now its our battle for life.
You’ve protested and waved flags
But they don’t listen no more,
Get ready ‘cause their coming
And this time its a war.

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