I’m Waiting For The Bail Out

I’m Waiting For The Bail Out



I’m Waiting For The Bail Out

I’m waiting for the bail out…
The stimulus is coming,
The bail out…
Don’t leave me here with nothin,’
Don’t you fail me…
Baby bail me out of these blues.

Verse 1
I’m gettin’ more lean
And less fat in the middle,
We popped our popcorn
And ate our last bag of Skittles.
I’ll pawn my guitar
If you’ll play me like a fiddle…
I can make a new one
If I just learn to whittle.

I’m gettin’ more tired
Than I’ve ever been before,
The carpet’s gettin’ worn out…
I’m pacing the floor.
The creditors are callin’
And their knockin’ on my door…
But you give me more lovin’
Than I’ve ever had before.

The house is gettin’ colder,
So we lie in bed at night.
Why pay for the electric
When your heater doesn’t light?
It’s warm beneath the covers
When I’m holdin’ you tight.
But I aint complainin’
Cause I’m feelin’ alright…

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