Big Dreams (Don’t Want My Big Dreams To End) An Original Song

Big Dreams (Don’t Want My Big Dreams To End) An Original Song



Big Dreams

Big dreams…
Don’t want my big dreams to end.
Buy another lotto,
Give the slot machine another spin;
‘Cause I ain’t never goin’ back
To feeling this poor again!

Verse 1
Holes in my pockets…
I’ve got holes in my jeans.
I can’t drive my car to work
‘Cause I can’t afford the gasoline.
Try to return some things
Without causing a scene;
Cut all the coupons I can clip
Now I’ve only got big dreams.

Verse 2
Gonna be short on rent again,
Gotta have another yard sale.
And even my latest E-bay posts
Ain’t doin’ that well.
This month my grocery bill
Is lookin’ mighty lean,
And without cable there ain’t much to do
But sit around and dream big dreams.

Instrumental Verse

Verse 3
I’ve downsized as much as I can,
I’ve even stopped payin’ my utility bills.
And there ain’t much to speak of
When it’s colder than the chills;
Just received my notice to move
Because my unemployment check came late,
And there ain’t much Ramin left to eat,
But tonight big dreams will feel my plate.

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