Conversations An Original Song By Coyote Creek Blues

Conversations An Original Song By Coyote Creek Blues



Verse 1
No time, no time
Said the working man (business man)
As he pointed to the watch
On his wrist.
Can you spare little change
The panhandler’s voice said,
Outstretched hand,
Curled into a fist.

Verse 2
I wouldn’t give my money
To someone like you,
‘Cause you look
Young enough to work.
If I could do that
I wouldn’t stand here
Beggin like I do,
A victim of misfortune and hurt.

Verse 3
I should give my money
To an organized charity,
So I can write it off
at taxtime,
But it’s so cold here
With nothing to eat,
And I think
I’m loosing my mind.

Verse 4
If I give you money
You’d spend it on booze
And you’d be no better off
Than before,
What difference does it make
How it’s spent or if I’m better off?
And since when did anyone
Care about the poor?

Verse 5
They should do something
About people like you
Begging on the corner
Of the street.
Mr. we don’t have
Nowhere else to go
Unless they give us shelter
And put shoes on our feet.

Verse 6
I should give my money
Straight to the church,
So they can buy you
Shelter and clothes.
Mr. Why not give your money
Straight to the source,
Then at least you’ll know
Where your money goes.

Repeat Verse 1

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