Read Between The Lines An Original Song

Read Between The Lines An Original Song


Lyrics to Read Between The Lines:

Verse 1
A page in your journal,
I have good days and bad;
But nothing can take away
All the good days we have had.
Can you close your eyes and see
The expressions on my face?
Worn fine like pencil lines
That can never be replaced.

Searching for a definition,
For a feeling I can’t define;
If you want to get to know me,
You gotta read between the lines.

Verse 2
As I sit down and write this song,
I want to reach you with a hook;
But such a complex a topic
Could fill up a thousand books.
Caressing each syllable,
Massaging every word;
Until love becomes a metaphor
That fills each page with words.


Verse 3
So critical of my own thoughts,
Looking back as I grow old;
I know I can’t turn back the page,
I only watch this paper fold.
Punctuating love’s lessons
With additional footnotes;
Will there be a happy ending
When our story’s finally wrote?


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