Herd Immunity An Original Song By Coyote Creek Blues

Herd Immunity An Original Song By Coyote Creek Blues


We need some herd immunity,
Herd immunity…
We’re rounded up like cows in cities,
But we’re still too blind to see.
Fauci moved the goal posts
From 80 to 100 percent,
And I’m still sitting her wondering
Where heard immunity went.

Verse 1
COVID 19 is a virus,
It came from Wuhan lab,
They called it a pandemic
So we’d be forced to take the jab.
We caught them spiking numbers
The news reports were fake,
They called this misinformation
Cause the folks were so “awake.”

Verse 2
Fauci told us “No mask,”
Then he told us three,
His mind was always changing,
But they didn’t want us to see,
They told us social distance,
And get tested if we coughed,
Now Fauci says it won’t end
Cause COVID will never stop.

Verse 3
Biden said “No mask required,”
Once you got the shot;
The stores say “No entry without a mask,”
In school kids can’t take them off.
You’ve got to test to go to work,
They want to test your kids for school;
Because of Omicron we need boosters,
Who listens to these fools?

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